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how do i improve my websites ranking in Google Exeter amd Devon, optimise and get faster speed

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This is the practice of driving more targeted visitors to your website through Google and other search engines organic rankings.

Technical SEO

Focusing on a website's technical structure, and optimising the backend of a website to improve how each page is set up. The code of a website is as important to Google as its content is, so getting this right can have a significant impact on the websites ranking.

On-page SEO

This focuses on your page by page content. Optimising your content to match a well-planned keyword strategy will help boost your ranking. Furthermore, having a topic strategy to focus your keywords will help to get away from that ‘one page for everything’ approach that may confuse your page identity.

Off-page SEO

Ever heard of backlinks? These are links designed to drive traffic to your website from other sources e.g. other websites, blogs and social media. An SEO audit will identify areas you can improve your backlinks score which will cause your website to rank higher as a result.

Every website is different as is every industry, so every SEO strategy must be audited in detail, tailored, executed and evaluated.

pie chart and bar chart for SEO metrics provided with insights and recommended improvements graph which shows that your websites traffic is improving as the SEO is enhanced by an expert free website SEO scan for your business which reveals improvements needed to drive more traffic to your site in Exeter

How do I retain customers once they’re looking at my site?

SEO is not just about driving more traffic to your site, it’s also about delivering the best user experience (UX), and content to maximise retention and convert visitors into leads. Many older sites can struggle to stay compliant with Google and other search engines, especially now as most browsing is done via mobile phones. You can often find text is too small for mobiles, clickable links are too close together, or pages do not re-direct correctly. Older Keyword strategies are also out of date and can be detrimental to your ranking instead of being beneficial as intended

Search Engines are fickle so the architecture of your website will play an important role in your SEO score, rankings and user retention as a whole

How can we help?

Firstly, get a free website scan and report. We’ll advise you of the work which needs to be carried out in order to get your website into a good technical position. This will also give some insight into your on-page and off-age SEO and how this is performing.

Next, we’ll look at your content, topics and keywords and compare this to your business goals so we can develop a mutual understanding of the objectives to be achieved. This is what a typical SEO journey can look like:

  1. review websites technical SEO and fix any issues
  2. look at the highest ranking keywords on each page
  3. look at how this keywords rank for specific location
  4. identify best long tail keywords
  5. review and amend titles and content
  6. plan website blogging to develop page authority
  7. plan Social Media marketing campaign to develop backlinks
  8. evaluate

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