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5 months ago

NT Web Design

Do i need a Cookie Policy for my website?

Yes 🙂 here's a great article i found which explains your responsibilities as a website owner, in a clear and simple language.

If you do not wish to read the whole article, then these are the 3 points you should take away:

1) Work out what cookies your site sets, and what they are used for

2) Tell visitors how you use cookies, and how they can be deactivated, or give them an option to deactivate them

3) Obtain consent to use cookies by using a pop up, and give them some control

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5 months ago

NT Web Design

Should I build my own website, or hire a developer?

It’s no secret you can build your own website nowadays using a variety of platforms which vary in options, and provide a wide range of integrations. Many of the platforms provide predesigned frameworks meaning you don’t even have to design your own pages, just add your details and customise your colours and you’re well away.

Is it really that simple? Here’s some pros & cons and key points to consider:

Going it alone

1) Save on the up-front cost
2) Have full control
3) You can buy a pre-made theme
4) You don’t need to know how to code, but….
5) You will need to develop an understanding of the platform your building on
6) Usually good for very basic websites
7) You will need to register a domain name and buy hosting
😎 Can be very time consuming

Hiring a developer

1) Budget £300 to £3000 for the website and £70 per year for domain name and hosting.
2) Save time- hire a pro and use the time elsewhere
3) Knowledge of user flow and experience
4) Optimise your site for search engines
5) Can be built on a custom design
6) Additional functionality can be made/integrated
7) A developer can register a domain name and hosting for you
😎 Website files will be maintained and kept up to date for you

See the full article here:
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6 months ago

NT Web Design

Been doing some work on Facebook Open Graphs today, this confuses a lot of people from my experience so if you need any help, please let me know 🧐

#Facebook #opengraphprotocol #OpenGraph
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