Should I build my own website

It’s no secret you can build your own website nowadays using a variety of platforms which vary in options, and provide a wide range of integrations. Most platforms provide predesigned frameworks meaning you don’t even have to design your own pages, just add your details and customise your colours and you’re well away. Is it

Burridge Electrical

technical SEO professional agency

Burridge Electrical – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 44% to 88% https://www.burridgeelectrical.co.uk/ Burridge Electrical is a well-established business in Bristol with a good website and local reputation. Mr Burridge approached me looking to boost his online presence to help grow his business. I was able to help. A thorough audit revealed that several factors were affecting

New website for S.E.Gillard Plumbing & Heating-Exeter

This is a brand new website recently developed S.E Gillard Plumbing and Heating Engineers. It includes some basic SEO Optimisation and a fresh approach. Stan was looking for a simple clean and modern solution for his business. He already has a strong portfolio of customers he has helped over the years and wished to make