Should I build my own website

It’s no secret you can build your own website nowadays using a variety of platforms which vary in options, and provide a wide range of integrations. Most platforms provide predesigned frameworks meaning you don’t even have to design your own pages, just add your details and customise your colours and you’re well away.

Is it really that simple? Here’s some pros & cons and key points to consider:

Going it alone

  1. Budget £70 per year for domain name & hosting and £30 to £40 for a template
  2. Have full control
  3. You don’t need to know how to code, but….
  4. You will need to develop an understanding of the platform your building on
  5. Usually good for very basic websites
  6. You will need to register a domain name and buy hosting
  7. Can be very time consuming

Hiring a developer?

  1. Budget £300 to £800 for a small/medium site and £70 per year for domain name and hosting
  2. Save time- hire a pro and use the time elsewhere
  3. Knowledge of user flow and experience
  4. Optimise your site for search engines
  5. Can be built on a custom design
  6. Additional functionality can be made/integrated
  7. A developer can register a domain name and hosting for you
  8. Website files will be maintained and kept up to date for you
should i build my won website or hire a professional web designer for a cheap and affordable rate

So do you need you web developer?

Setting up a site on your own can be time consuming, finding extra time can often be an issue, especially when setting up a new business so hiring a professional will take the workload off your hands and allow you to concentrate on your business.

A web developer can implement the correct user flow and optimise the websites content and structure for search engines, they can do this whilst building your site so there’s no need for further investment at this stage. A prebuilt website will probably look nice but it’s unlikely it will be working for you in the back end, unless you really dig in and do some extensive research.

What happens when something goes wrong? A web developer can react to issues and even prevent them. Your websites files and software will receive regular updates and although your host will help with some of them, their support can be limited at times and you will likely need to hire a developer, or work it out yourself at some point.

My advice is, if you have the time and the inclination to build a website, and enjoy the IT side of life then have a go. I know plenty of people with no IT skills who have built their own websites and are happy with their product. Just be prepared to put the time in and learn and learn some new skills, especially at the start.

If you really want to hit the ground running, especially from an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and UX (User Experience) point of view then hiring a professional may be the best option, get a quote and look at your budget, there are some great low-cost options available.

Hire a web designer and developer in Exeter Devon or build your own website

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