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Burridge Electrical – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 44% to 88%


Burridge Electrical is a well-established business in Bristol with a good website and local reputation. Mr Burridge approached me looking to boost his online presence to help grow his business. I was able to help.

A thorough audit revealed that several factors were affecting SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Burridge Electrical was well placed for content and structure, but had several factors missing which would be large contributors to the websites ranking. This is partly due to the ever-changing demands of Google and other search engines; this helped to highlight the need for regular reviews, and also how having up to date technical knowledge is a big advantage.

With the website now optimised, the home/landing page is scoring a healthy 88%

Here’s a few improvements we made:

– SSL certificate installed – With the website not showing as secure HTTPS and a padlock clearly visible this gives visitors reassurance and peace of mind meaning they’re more likely to click through
– Mobile optimisation – Text and clickable link sizes are now appropriate and compliant with Google standards; this improves UX (User Experience)
– All pages re-direct appropriately- Redirects help google to understand what is (and more importantly, ‘what is not’) duplicate content. Unmarked duplicate content can adversely affect your ranking, in this case, did
– Custom 404 page with a good link structure – again a big boost for UX. Mobile users can be fickle so it doesn’t take much to shoo them away if things seem too complicated at first

Some important points to take away from this:

Always think ‘Mobile First’. For a modern-day developer this is a must. Approximately 52.2% of all internet browsing is done via mobile today, that’s up 2% from 2017 and the figure is ever growing.

Knowledge is power! Technology is forever changing and improving, so keeping up with it is a must (don’t get left behind). There are plenty of blogs, training portals, YouTube channels and networking forums out there which actually make this very easy to do.

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