New website for S.E.Gillard Plumbing & Heating-Exeter

This is a brand new website recently developed S.E Gillard Plumbing and Heating Engineers. It includes some basic SEO Optimisation and a fresh approach.

Stan was looking for a simple clean and modern solution for his business. He already has a strong portfolio of customers he has helped over the years and wished to make his business more attractive to potential new clients.

The website is built in WordPress using the Divi framework by Elegant themes. You can view their gallery here:

The project was fairly quick to set up, it required little custom code and Stan is very happy with the end product.

WordPress themes can be a perfect solution for small businesses who do not require a custom design and coded website and are looking to work within a tighter budget. I have worked with 100’s of WordPress themes and find Divi to provide the more versatile frameworks and best support. I recommend this particular framework for SME’s, micro businesses and ‘especially’ new start ups as a low cost, yet effective solution to creating an online presence as the themes do give you a reasonable amount of customisation options to suit your taste.

You can view the new website here:

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